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ADS "Get Storage" Question

The idea behind this blog post, the 2nd in what may become a series, is to provide a mechanism for collecting many years of "question and answer" exchanges - collected from both the old IDMS-L, and from various in-house IDMS Help Desks at different sites. Like the first in the series - this one...

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Debugging ADS Dialogs with ADSALIVE by Gary Cherlet.ppt

In this PowerPoint Presentation we will explain how to use ADSALIVE to debug ADS dialogs by: (*) Setting breakpoints (*) Running the application, and (*) Viewing and modifying data at runtime We will also see how ADS Trace can shed some light on common run-time problems, this will include using...


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ADSO Compile Options Culprit and

Allow the user to extract and report on any of the ADSO Compile Options - the uploaded version is set up specifically for Symbol Tables. Enjoy - cheers - Gary

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ADS to Mapping Date-Time Stamp

This Culprit program reads all Dialog Load modules in an Application data Dictionary Load Area, extracts the Date:Time Stamp for the associated Map, then checks the Map Load module in the same Load Area to verify that the Map's actual Date-Time stamp is the same. An exception report is produced...