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Tech Tip: When I do editing a Service the "custom policy", "Edit" option  is grayed out

When you go into the Service Editor you can define custom propagation policy. This is available when you select an item in the modeler and right click on it, then "define policy" then "custom policy", then the "Edit" option. If the option to "Edit" is grayed out that is because you first need to...

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Tech Tip: 'Send Email' Escalation Action working from SOI UI

'Send Email' Escalation Action is working from SOI Escalation policies but when I try to send email from Console it fails. - In SOI we need to provide Email server details in 2 places under 'Administrator' tab 1. CA Service Operations Insight Manager Configuration => => Email Configuration...

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Tech Tip : Upgrading a connector system to 3.3

When upgrading from SOI 3.2 CU3 to SOI 3.3 CU2 on a Spectrum connector system using the the ‘soi-installer.exe’ from the SOI 3.3 DVD, I receive the error message below. .   "Invalid Installation Attempt Wrong Installer Cannot upgrade version to ...

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Tech Tip: Service Discovery won't create new Services

When adding a lot of Service Discover rules the Services are not being created. If you review the \SOI\log\service-discovery.log you will see errors:   ERROR [dataLoaderScheduler4-1] servicediscovery.ServiceDiscovery - scanForRulesChanges(). java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space &...

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Tech Tip : The Alert User Attributes are not returned when using the REST API get alert call.

Q: Why are the alert User Attributes not returned when using the REST API get alert call?   A: In order for the Alert User Attributes to be returned the GetAlertv2 REST API    call with accept media type "application/" must be used to retrieve the User...


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Tech Tip: SNMP 2.0 Connector Documentation contains misleading information

On Page 14 of the SNMP 2.0 Connector Guide the following is specified Install the SNMP Connector Install the Catalyst Connector for the SNMP on the same server where Catalyst Container and IFW Proxy is installed and running. Important! Install the CA Catalyst Container...