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[REPLAY] CA Plex and CA 2E Community Meeting: New CA Plex Roadmap -- July 2018

Replay of CA Plex CA 2E Community webcast on July 11, 2018.   If you are user of CA Plex you will not want to miss this community event as the CA Plex Product Manager will be presenting and taking feedback on the New CA Plex Roadmap. The CA Plex team has been working through the...

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CA Plex & 2E Office Hours Transcript [Dec. 16th]

Lenn Thompson (CA) : Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining. What questions do you have for the Plex/2E teams this morning?     Lenn Thompson (CA) : Are there any questions for the CA team today?     Rob McBride : Yes.  Can Dan please give an...