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Re: MS Products as 'Reports' - Word/Excel being called from Clarity

Is there is a Way we can read data from GEL and pass as parameter to jasperreport and upload the WORD doc in folder of clarity ? #jaspersoft #gelpredicate #file

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General Availability Announcement for CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server 6.4.3 and CA Process Automation 4.3.03 for CA Service Management

CA Business Intelligence JasperReports ® Server 6.4.3 and CA Process Automation 4.3.03 for CA Service Management October 8, 2018 To: CA Service Management Customers From: The CA Technologies CA Service Management Product Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for CA...

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Incorrect Assignment Actual Hours - Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc

I am using an #adhoc #jaspersoft ##advancedreporting view for resource actual time. The fields are below: Resources Domain Resource Name, Investment Name Calendar Periods - Month Assignment - Hours - Assignment Actual Hours The assignment actual hours are incorrect or not listed for...

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I'm doing a report on Jaspersoft, but I just want to filter by OBS. In the "OBS Path" filter it is shown together (OBS and Location) . How can I separate or filter it so that it only shows me the values of OBS? #clarityreportgeneration #cappmclarity #jaspersotreport #jaspersoftchart ...

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Jaspersoft Time Compliance Report - Timesheets from closed reporting periods showing status of Open

Hi All, I use the Time Compliance and Time Compliance - Detail reports in #jaspersoft for timesheet compliance. I noticed that timesheets from time reporting periods that are closed are all listed with an "Open" status. Example: Month of April all timesheets were posted, but when I look in...