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CA Vantage - DocOps News

The CA Vantage team is constantly working to enhance the documentation on DocOps. Here are the highlights from the last couple of weeks. Take a look! New Architecture In an effort to improve your user experience, we've moved the CA Vantage Web Client documentation into the CA...

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Re: Another pitfall: "primary" CP Port during ZDU

It looks like the warning page for external links is broken. Going straight to the URL works though. Upgrade/install zdu upgrade proc.htm Also, I’m not sure why would...

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How to obtain concise list via API or GMU for all Policies/endpoints that exists on a Gateway

I believe there are ways to retrieve a list of all APIs/Endpoints/Policies via WSMan, RestMAN, or GMU. Can anyone provide sample request XML used to obtain a list of the APIs using one or all of these methods? Thanks, Richard Fair #caapigateway9.2 #apidevportal4.1 #productdocumentation ...

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CA Continuous Delivery Ecosystem

CA Release Automation, and Continuous Delivery Edition are key products in the CA Continuous Delivery Ecosystem. The CA Continuous Delivery Ecosystem can help you overcome the challenges that are inherent in the rapid delivery of software applications. All the details of the ecosystem can be...