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PPM - JasperSoft - How can I hide the projects that have the value of the “X” field empty?

I have 3 custom fields of type "number" within the project object " Costo Final" - "Costo Planeado" = "Diferencia" Ex. 10,000 - 5,000 = 5,000 Each project must fill the values of the two fields (Costo Final y Costo Planeado) to obtain the result of the third (Diferencia) I need to show only the total of projects that do not have the "Costo Planeado" field empty & projects Name In the green box, you should only show 3 projects Project 1 (10,000) - Project Name *** Project 2 ( 61,100) - Project Name "Complemento a proyectos BANXICO" Project 3 (440,000) - P roject Name ZZZ Example: Project "Prueba 29 sept" has the field "Costo Planeado" empty , so it should not be shown in the report query Any idea please?