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Importing Predefined Computers with a Closely Matched Predefined Computers Handling Mechanism Video 

11-30-2012 01:33 PM

This is a how to video on importing predefined computers as an administrator. This import will be done using a UI dialog and closely matched predefined computers handling mechanism and without a csv import sheet.

This predefined computer will make an entry into the database for pre-staging computers and can be defined based on “Computer Name” only. All other fields on UI dialog will be optional.

When a bare metal boots, the match will be made using the Unique ID of the bare metal with the existing predefined entries. If a match happens, the predefined entry will be assigned to the bare metal. If no match is found using the Unique ID, closely matching Predefined entries will be sought. A list of these closely matched predefined entries will be sent to the client for selection. The user will select the option from the list of Predefined entries.

If the option selected is with hardware identification (MAC/Serial Number/UUID), then predefined entry will be matched with the bare metal. If the option selected is without hardware identification, then a request will be sent to the server to assign the entry to the bare metal.

Either the entry will be assigned to the bare metal or a fresh list of closely matched predefined entries will be sent to the client. If no predefined entries are provided to the client, the client will be considered for initial deployment.

Note: This is a silent video

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10-26-2013 01:43 AM

Is this a feature from 7.5 or is there an attachment to this video somewhere? One of my biggest disappointments is that this capability was missing in 7.1.

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