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Ghost Solution Suite 3.x ASDK 

Aug 15, 2016 07:31 AM

Due to high demand we have recompiled the ASDK from Deployment Solution 6.9 so that it can be installed on top of a new GSS 3.x installation. It has also been recompiled using an updated version of .NET so it can be installed on newer operating systems. The required files, installation instructions and help file are attached.

The actual functions of the ASDK has not been modified and remain the same as they have been as part of DS 6.9. At this time we have done some basic testing and haven't found any issues, although it is important to note that the ASDK does not come with any support.


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Sep 12, 2016 03:58 AM

FYI, I can call the asmx page using both localhost or Server Name.

But invoke any methode using Server Name return a error 500 (and work using localhost).

I don't think the issue comes from the IIS or ASP configuration on the Server.




Sep 12, 2016 03:50 AM

Hi tiberriver256,

unfortunately, these lines doesn't exist in th webservices section:

        <add name="HttpGet" />
        <add name="HttpPost" />

another idea ?




Sep 08, 2016 04:33 PM

Check the <protocols> section of your webconfig file. You might need to remove the following lines for HttpGet and HttpPost if they are present.


     <remove name="HttpPost" />
     <remove name="HttpGet" />
     <remove name="HttpPostLocalhost" />


Sep 06, 2016 10:48 AM

Hi David,


Following the instructions to install gss asdk, I'm gettting http 500 return code when calling http get method with server name in the formated URL.

Locally on the GSS server, if I use (e.g.) http://localhost/altiris.asdk.ds/ComputerManagementService.asmx?op=GetComputerID and invoke it's working fine, but with the server name (netbios name or fqdn) of the GSS server instead of localhost, it doesn't.

It's embarassing cos' I'd like to use them through Worklow Solution (remote server) and I retrieve the same error (translated as "can't find table 0").

Something is missing in IIS configuration or web.config file ?


Best Regards,



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