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ITA - Adding Custom Data to Cubes - existing or new ones? 

Nov 19, 2015 12:09 PM

We are using ITA 7.5 in large scale environment, with many custom dataclasses.

Let me also mention this related article.

Multiple internal projects require Custom Inventory scans to collect variety of information, stored in custom data classes in CMDB:

Here are few samples:

  • Web Browsers
  • Encryption Details
  • Proxy Details
  • HW Monitors
  • HTTP Port Details

and many more.

When adding these custom data classes to existing ITA Cubes we realized, that cube processing may take remarkably longer time to complete.

Computer Cube contains about 50 fields available for selection in Pivot Table by default. Adding custom data may result in count exceeding 100 fields.

Extended Computer cube can introduce following challenges:

  1. Cube with many custom fields can take reasonably longer to process
  2. Cube with custom fields may cause problems when upgrading ITA to new version

Alternate option would be creating separate cube, containing custom data classes only, Unfortunatelly that is not supported by product out-of box.

Does anyone considered that option?

Any experience in that area is welcome.

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