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Two Factor Authentication with Intel IPT and Symantec VIP 

Aug 11, 2011 03:07 PM

In 2011, Intel introduced the 2nd Generation Intel Core platform with Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT).   IPT provides an integrated hardware component to assist with two-factor authentication.   More information on IPT is available at

An update to Symantec VIP access provides integration with Intel IPT.   Website secured with VeriSign and ready for the combination of IPT\VIP provide a new level of authentication for a larger number of users.

The concept of hardware tokens with a unique 6 digit code generated every 30 seconds is not necessarily new.   However, it required a lot overhead in managing the physical tokens.   For each physical token issued to a target user, it must be maintained.   If the token is lost, it must be deactivated and a new token issued.   Even worse, if the seed value used by the tokens is compromised all of the tokens must be reissued.

Intel IPT and VeriSign VIP takes a different approach.   The physical token is replaced by a combination of embedded security hardware with an enabled software component.   

The video demonstration provides a consumer example accessing PayPal.   An enterprise example for VPN access is shown in the Tech 10 video at  (see the second half of the video) along with

The VIP access software will be posted soon.   Those with an Intel 2nd Generation Core platform that supports IPT can start using this technology with enabled VIP access websites.   More information on OEM SKUs supporting IPT is available at with enabled websites listed at

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Nov 23, 2011 01:19 PM

The desktop application is available at

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