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  • 1.  New installs of NS 6.0 fail to install the AD Connector

    Posted Aug 04, 2015 05:34 PM

    Dear All,

    I am running through an upgrade of our NS 6.0 machine and I am testing the process on a development server before I do the real thing. The problem is that I have had to download the source again from the SolutionSam because the original MSIs have gone.

    Does anyone know why a new installation fo NS 6.0 (CMS and AMS) would fail to install the Altiris Connector for Microsoft Active Directory?

    The installer runs through each process and when it gets to installing the AD Connector, it says that it cannot be installed because the AD Connector Solution is not installed.

    The MSI that it is running is the altiris_dc_6_1_kb49882.exe, which seems to be a patch on the installation of AD Connector and not actually the installation of the software itself. The following is an extract from the SolutionSAM.xml:


    <package upgradeCode="{E82B9446-62E5-4C91-8CA6-E6463D5CA799}" productName="Altiris Directory Connector" productVersion="6.1.74" fileName="Altiris_DC_6_1_KB49882.exe" productCode="{3D907C36-C70A-4E10-9815-6D83678CEF1D}">
    	<name><![CDATA[Altiris Integrated Component for Microsoft Active Directory]]></name>

    Can anyone help and provide the correct SolutionSam.XML and/or correct installer? I know that this software is out-of-date, but someone must have the orignal MSI somewhere!

    Thanks in advance,



  • 2.  RE: New installs of NS 6.0 fail to install the AD Connector
    Best Answer

    Posted Aug 16, 2015 08:25 AM

    You need to install altiris_directoryconnector_6_1.exe from SolutionSam first before installing that hotfix.