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  • 1.  Disabling UNC Codebase on Package servers

    Posted Feb 26, 2018 07:42 AM

    Seems like ever since Microsoft went to thier new update scheme where the updates are cumulative from month to month we have seen a lot of bandwidth issues during our monthly patch cycle. We have adjusted our bandwidth thru Altiris policies and they are set low, we worked with our network team to devise what avilable KBps to use that would make sense but that didnt seem to help.                                                                             

    I have been wondering if anyone else has had the same issues and have any suggestions as to how they solved the issue and two I am also wondering if anyone has read the Symantec article HOWTO2068 published June 15th, 2017, I dont want to include the URL as some people frown on that in help groups. It describes disabling UNC Codebases. My question on this is how will it affect clients, currently we have HTTPS and UNC codebases checked. Are there any abnormal side effects that this will have if we only publish HTTPS codebases? What advantages will it have to only publish HTTPS codebases? Should be check only HTTP and HTTPS codebases and not use UNC at all? Looking for advise from the group please.

    Some of the other things I have wondered is does Altiris use BITS? Our pipes to our other sites as well as the pipe we have coming into our facility has been upgraded and yet the bandwidth issue seems to prevail every month at patch cycle time.



  • 2.  RE: Disabling UNC Codebase on Package servers

    Posted Mar 12, 2018 09:14 AM

    Have you tried the option to enable peer-to-peer download in the agent settings? (https://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/how-configure-peer-peer-downloading-it-management-suite-windows-only). This is an option which should also help to reduce the bandwith as clients are allowed to download packages from other clients in the same subnet.

    I have enabled this settings some months ago and have not heard about any issues. And I have definately seen that the fewer clients go to the package server to download packages...