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  • 1.  Dell Optiplex 7060 storage drivers in DeployAnywhere

    Posted Dec 20, 2018 03:16 PM

    I have recently received two sizes of Dell's Optiplex 7060; Small Form Factor and Micro Form Factor. I have a Windows 10 Ent. x64 Image from Build 1709 used. I uploaded all the required drivers for the 7060; by the way the hardware for these two sizes are identical. They use the same storage driver, RAID ON is the default and preferred setting we want to use. So far the Micro is working with raid on, but the small form factor blue screens before mini-setup with INACCESSBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. For troubleshooting I performed a manual install of WIndows 10, added the RAID ON (iastorav.inf) driver before partitioning so the sdd can be accessible. I did this on both form factors of the 7060 exactly the same storage drive with raid on and they worked as they should; so they both have the same storage hardware. But when it domes to deploy anywhere scanning and delivering the appropriate drivers, the micro form factor will work with raid on, but small form factor must be switched to ahci. Looking for a solution to why this is not working in a uniform manor since hardware is the same between the two.

  • 2.  RE: Dell Optiplex 7060 storage drivers in DeployAnywhere

    Posted Jan 03, 2019 08:11 PM

    What about Firmware updates, (aka bios updates)  with the Controllers on board there may be an update in the form of a firmware/bios update that will cause one to work differently than the other.    I have seen this a lot for NIC drivers where 2 seemingly identical systems one will perform the task correctly and the other didn't and we had to update the Firware to update the LOM (lan on motherboard) so that the drivers behaved correctly.    I know my example isn't apples to apples but both are build on board hardware and so I think it is still worth looking at.   

    Let us know what you find.