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New ghost image package keeps retrying to site servers on 8.5RU3

  • 1.  New ghost image package keeps retrying to site servers on 8.5RU3

    Posted Feb 07, 2020 12:38 PM

    I have just create a new image with ghost throught the console with Prepare/Capture Image tasks for the first time since upgrading to 8.5. I am on Release Update3. The image uploaded to my local site server that has package servcies installed, and it is set to replicate the image only to three total site servers. One of the three is the local site server that it uploaded to and the other two site servers have not received the image packages from the last two days. The agent shows 'Retrying Download'.


    Below is a sample of the data inside of Log.xml. "No Server Found" has my attention. I expect to see the server name MVCHQALTSS03.fqdn; that is where the image was uploaded to.Never had this issue prior to 8.5.

    <Log id="{98B3EFFE-65A4-4A9A-ADF9-EC7781F968E6}" downloadEvent="57" transferBytes="0" transferRate="0" attempts="57" successes="0" attemptTime="2020-02-07 16:49:11" downloadFailureTime="2020-02-07 16:49:11">
        <Download version="0" status="retrying" statusDescr="No server found" nextRetry="2020-02-07 12:48:55" transferBytes="0" packageSize="0">
            <Session startTime="2020-02-07 12:24:54" endTime="2020-02-07 12:24:55" source="" transferRate="0" transferBytes="0" transferCache="0" result="-2147467259"/>