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  • 1.  Creating a WinPE10 Bootable Media?

    Posted Nov 07, 2018 02:34 PM

    We would like to use bootable USB drives to boot into the automation/preinstallation environment for (network) imaging/deployment with the Symantec Deployment server. Is this currently supported?  Looks like it at least used to be in the past.


    I used the Bootwiz.exe to create the media by following the (old) guide here: 

    Next I used my standard bootable media creation tool, Rufus, to put the .ISO from Bootwiz onto my USB stick in UEFI mode.  This failed to boot so I followed this guide to use Diskpart and manually recreate the USB drive: but this also fails to boot.  

    I then tried each of the 3 options in Bootwiz (automation, network, standalone boot) but while the drive is selectable as a boot option, and starts to boot, the Automation wallpaper shows up for a split second and then my test computer just reboots before I can do anything.  

    Initially, I created all x86 boot media, but now recreating each of the 3 types in x64 to see if that helps. Bootwiz.exe seems to crash afer a creation or two (on server 2016) so there is some repetition. The first x64 one has failed.  Also went into bios and set to legacy, UEFI Hybrid, and UEFI Native, but the drives did not work with any of those either.  


    Seems like I might be missing something basic?  Any ideas or suggestions? 

    Our goal is to put an image/ISO on USB and use that to boot and access our Deployment (Pand management) servers over our network.  Like a PXE replacement since we have some PXE issues currently that we are nto ready to tackle yet.  I have booted off media  to a network deployment server in the past for imaging at other places using a method similar to this.  Is this possible with the Symantec deployment solution?



  • 2.  RE: Creating a WinPE10 Bootable Media?
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 08, 2018 05:49 PM

    Looks like bootable USB IS still supported! 


    Went through the guide here again:  with PE10 again.  Applied the ISO to a 1gb USB drive using RUFUS and now it boots to automation and tasks are pulled from the server.