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SEE 8.2.0 MP2 Incomplete computer full disk properties displayed

  • 1.  SEE 8.2.0 MP2 Incomplete computer full disk properties displayed

    Posted Apr 06, 2012 04:38 PM

    We have a few PCs that do not show any properties on the Full Disc tab when we bring up the computer selection in SEE 8.2.0 MP2 Management Console.

    The upper part of the full disk property screen does not show the version, install date, etc., but the lower half of the screen does show the partitions that are encrypted and the start and end date and time.

    The Fixed Disks tabs indicates it's managed.

    The framework tab does show the effected PCs does check-in regularly, and that tab shows complete data.

    The SEE Group display on these PCs shows the Drive Encryption Service  as being SEEFD, but the the encryption state columns are blank for these PCs. Also, the Recover button is greyed out so you can't create a .DAT file for those particular PCs.

    On the client side, the PC boots normally, but a popup stating an update failed comes up and the user cannot login to the client console, gets an error about a configuration error.

    The administrator console does come up and able to login, but the Full disk encryption and decryption items do not show any encrypted drives. No way to decrypt the drives using the Administrator console.

    Booting from the SEE access CD, tech gets an error that the drive cannot be accessed.

    Booting from the Recovery CD, the integrity check reports errors in a couple of volumes, and searched the complete drive and fails.

    Anybody run across this problem?



  • 2.  RE: SEE 8.2.0 MP2 Incomplete computer full disk properties displayed

    Posted Apr 09, 2012 10:06 AM

    Wish I could be more helpful on this but I've just  started testing the ability of SEE 8.2.0 MP2 to upgrade legacy GE and SEE clients.  Presently, I've been testing with serverless clients first before upgrading the management server.  So at this time I can't speak to the SEE Console errors you are seeing.

    However, when booting to the Pre-Boot Authentication Screen on a specific Sony Vaio model "VPCYB15KX".

    Error Message:

    Preparing Pre-Windows environment... Ooops: 0000

    Kernal panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill Init!


    Attempting to troubleshoot this by generating a specfic SEE FD package for this model.  if this doesn't resolve it then pushing back to Symantec for a fix.