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    Posted Oct 08, 2012 05:23 PM

    I have a customer working with SiteMinder version 6.0 for IIS 6

    Their Policy Server Management Console says its
    Version 6.0, BuildNum=384, Update 05
    Schema: 7.0
    11eb0000 11f8e000 ISAPI6WebAgent (deferred)
    Image path: D:\Program Files\netegrity\webagent\bin\ISAPI6WebAgent.dll
    Image name: ISAPI6WebAgent.dll
    Timestamp: Wed Nov 19 03:01:45 2008 (4923C7E9)
    CheckSum: 00000000
    ImageSize: 000DE000
    File version: 6.0.523.608
    Product version: 6.0.523.608
    CompanyName: Netegrity, Inc.
    ProductName: SiteMinder (TM)
    InternalName: ISAPI6WebAgent
    OriginalFilename: ISAPI6WebAgent.dll
    ProductVersion: 6.0
    FileVersion: 6.00.0523.608
    FileDescription: ISAPI6WebAgent Dynamic Link Library
    LegalCopyright: Copyright (C) 2002
    LegalTrademarks: SiteMinder (TM) is a Trademark of Netegrity, Inc.

    Could someone please tell me which release and service pack the client is running?

    I believe they should be running:
    SiteMinder Web Access Manager 6.0 SP6 CR09