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[Spectrum Event Procedure] MAC ADDRESS in Alarm Title

  • 1.  [Spectrum Event Procedure] MAC ADDRESS in Alarm Title

    Posted May 20, 2015 05:52 AM

    Hello the community


    I tried to pass a mac address in an alarm title without success .


    Below a Wireshark capture who show the SNMP trap with the variable 2.


    And the Events, The Alarm Title



    And the tough part ... The Event Procedure :


    0x5f7008d E 0 P "CreateEventWithVariables({ C CURRENT_MODEL },{ H 0xfff1346d },SetEventVariable(GetEventVariableList(),{ H 0x00012b4c },Append({S \"[ARUBA] ACCESS POINT DOWN - La borne possede l'adresse MAC : \"},GetEventVariable( { X 2 }))))"


    I tried too some another Event Procedure like that :


    ToString(GetEventVariable({L 2})

    GetEventVariable({L 2})

    ToString(GetEventVariable({X 2})

    GetEventVariable({X 2})

    ToString(GetEventVariable({U 2})

    ToString(GetEventVariable({I 2})

    ToString(GetEventVariable({O 2})

    GetEventVariable({O 2}).


    Anyway, I failed.


    Is there anyone to help me with this case ?


    In advance, Thanks for your return