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CA Expo 2012 Mannheim Flipchart-Presentation Spectrum-ehealth

  • 1.  CA Expo 2012 Mannheim Flipchart-Presentation Spectrum-ehealth

    Posted 10-30-2012 12:36 PM
    Hi, I have made this shortly planned presentation on the flipchart with the title "Spectrum Onelick-Client with At-a-glance-charts from eHealth"

    It was not easy but it was possible to integrate Charts out of Performance-Rools into the CA Oneclick Client.

    We are able to modifiy all things by using the whole APIs of CA Spectrum and for example CA eHealth.

    For example, we integrated the "At a glance - Report" into Spectrum Oneclick.

    We did a first try, which works perfect and uses only the capabilities of the XML-Customization.
    –We need only 1 XML-File inside the custom-Folder
    –We need only a few JSPs to generate all charts

    No modification of the OneClick-Binaries!


    The Oneclick-Client is only able to access the Oneclick-Server, we cannot integrate or reference external data and URLs to other Webservers
    We have to build a proxy-jsp which resides on the Spectrum-Oneclick in the /tomcat/webapps/spectrum/ - folder and fetches the requested files from their source.
    We need a new JDBC-Driver for Oracle inside the context.xml to enable a connection the ehealth-oracle-API
    eHealth (6.1/6.2) doesn´t generate PNG-Charts directly by requesting an URL. Ehealth normally works with temporary files and redirects the client via javascript to the temporary report-file.
    We have to build a Chart-generator which generates a chart for the requested metric, in our example the variables for the at-a-glance for an LAN/WAN-Interface.

    Things we can do we all these big APIs:

    Spectrum-API, we have to create a file view-defaultportdetails-config.xml inside custom/topo/config which extends the original one with the eHealth-View inside the information-tab.
    eHealth-API, we have to enable the eHealth-API and check to access it from the Oneclick-Server
    For a better performance it should be enabled "limited"
    Spectrum-eHealth-API, we have to enable the API to enable the get the eHealth-Element-ID as a Model-Attribute inside Spectrum-Oneclick.

    This is only an example for the rich APIs and capabilities of CA Spectrum and other CA Tools like eHealth.

    We used this solution in the timeperiod while we used Spectrum 9.1.3 and give it up with 9.2 but we are able to integration many other tools in the same way.
    We are able to integrate other tools like RRD-Graphs, SevOne-PAS or Riverbed-Charts because CA Spectrum is very flexible.

    Erich Heinemann