Endevor Users of Nearly Everywhere (EUNE)

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Endevor Users of Nearly Everywhere

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    Posted Jul 08, 2020 08:42 AM

    EUNE (Endevor Users of New England) started out for companies using Endevor that were located in the New England states.  Over time, many of the regional Endevor user groups closed down around the USA.  We kept EUNE going and tried to keep it strong.  We welcomed several people into EUNE, in situations where their regional user group was no longer.  We welcomed people that had an interest in being part of a smaller, more intimate user community.  So EUNE turned into a Endevor User Group for anyone who wants to join.  EUNE is much smaller than the "CA Endevor" virtual community.  We try to host in-person meetings for interested EUNE members.  The past few years there wasn't enough interest to host traditional in-person meetings, so we communicate via email/phone/webcast.  We hope to restart traditional in-person meetings when things get back to normal.   We did have an in-person Mainframe DevOps event in October 2019 in Hartford Connecticut.


    This is why we're renaming the EUNE long name to "Endevor Users of Nearly Everywhere".  I think It's a good way to keep the EUNE heritage and at the same time it welcomes others who are outside New England.

    Phil Gineo
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Aetna / CVS Health
    Hartford Connecticut USA