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Generating new backup config files after upgrade to IM 2.2.x

  • 1.  Generating new backup config files after upgrade to IM 2.2.x

    Posted 04-09-2013 12:56 PM
    Audience: Customers upgrading to CA Performance Management r2.2.x, that have at least one Data Repository backup configuration file generated using a previous release of CA Performance Management.

    Description: If upgrading to CA Performance Management r2.2.x, you must regenerate backup configuration files. CA Performance Management r2.2.x requires an upgrade of the Vertica database from version 5.0 to version 6.0. In Vertica version 6.0, the Vertica backup utility,, was modified significantly, and various backup configuration options added, updated, and removed since the Vertica version 5.0.

    Solution: With the functionality changes introduced into the utility in Vertica version 6.0, and using a supported Vertica version 6.0-specific backup configuration file moving forward, you must generate the new backup configuration files using the utility associated with Vertica version 6.0 . A new configuration file must be generated for each previously existing configuration file that was defined using Vertica version 5.0. The first time a backup is performed in Vertica version 6.0, a full backup is required. Depending on the volume of data in your environment, this initial backup process can take several hours to complete.
    Important: Before generating new configuration files, create copies of the previous configuration files (to retain the original files for reference). Review the contents of each copied configuration file; you will need the values contained in these files to answer several prompts when generating new configuration files. Though the new utility has slightly different prompts than the previous version, you can reproduce the intent of your original backup configuration using the prompts provided.
    For detailed information pertaining to how to generate backup configuration files, see “Set Up Automatic Backup of Data Repository” in the CA Infrastructure Management Data Aggregator Administrator Guide.

    Also added to the KB in article TEC589909