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Decommissioning 1 of 2 Data Collectors

  • 1.  Decommissioning 1 of 2 Data Collectors

    Posted May 29, 2013 11:51 AM
    Hi all,

    I have mistakenly setup 2 DCs that are georgrapically separate (2000 miles) and have 1 DC polling for components at the other DC's location. This is an unefficient use of our network bandwidth and we would like to decommission 1 of the DCs.

    If I perform the uninstall on 1 of the DCs, will I have to delete ALL devices from CADA and then perform the rediscoveries to get all devices and components polling on the 1 remaining DC?

    If I decide to setup a second DC co-located with one of the original DCs, will it begin to be used as a poller when I perform discoveries on devices that are not already in CADA?