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Use of Time-formatting primitives

  • 1.  Use of Time-formatting primitives

    Posted Jul 19, 2019 09:03 AM
    Hello Team,

    I have to read some errors from the log files, where log file names are like - 

    \LOG\Logs\Errors\20190719 QueuedErrors-786.txt
    \LOG\Logs\Errors\20190719 QueuedErrors-786.txt

    I have to look into both the files to capture the error to raise an alert. Further, i have created two profiles in the logmon to target each file but no luck seems like there is some issues with the time-formatting primittives that i am using. refer details below -

    %Y - to cover year i.e. 2019
    %m - to cover the month i.e. 07
    %d - to cover the date i.e. 19

    \LOG\Logs\Errors\%Y%m%d%%QueuedErrors-786.txt or \LOG\Logs\Errors\%Y%m%d*786*

    \LOG\Logs\Errors\%Y%m%d%%QueuedErrors-787.txt or \LOG\Logs\Errors\%Y%m%d*787*

    Would you please adivse, if i am missing anything?

    Simran Jeet Bhagat