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E2E - 3 lines of code from one click?

  • 1.  E2E - 3 lines of code from one click?

    Posted Jan 24, 2017 04:35 AM

    Hi all,


    Not scripted e2e for a long time..


    I'm getting into it again but noticed that when I hit record and click once on a log in box, e2e writes 3 sections of code:




    UseWindow("MSTSC.EXE|IHWindowClass|Input Capture Window",1)




    The conflicting "InArea" pixels are confusing me, which one is correct?  I'm not sure why performing a single click in record mode is writing these 3 sections of code, surely there should only be one?


    Any have any ideas why it's doing this? The code fails to click the log in box when I play the code back.  No debug errors so the syntax is all ok.