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[TRANSCRIPT] CA Workload Automation Community DE Office Hours (4/27/16) 

Apr 28, 2017 10:34 AM

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: Good morning. Let's get started. What questions do you have for our team of DE experts?

Lenn Thompson (CA): Just a quick reminder that this session will focus on dSeries Edition (DE).

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Burt: Welcome! Do you have any questions for the team?

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Carlos: Thanks for joining us today. Do you have any questions for the team?

Denise: Hi, yes I have a few questions.

Denise: BTW I am Denise Cronin, from Manulife Financial

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Denise: Great! Please feel free to ask them whenever you're ready!

Denise: We have had recent issues with SFTP jobs failing because the encryption methods passed by the WLA agent is too unsecure.

Denise: Are there plans to modify the supplied list of algorithms passed? Currently on the Diffie-Hellmann 1 is passed.

Denise: *only

Andy: second that question

Sonya Williams-Harris: Good Morning

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Sonya Good morning! Do you have any questions for the group?

Sonya Williams-Harris: not at this time

Nitin Pande (CA): Hi Denise and Andy.  Thanks for joining.  Here is a link with some update about Key exchange ..

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sonya:  How are you?

Srinivas (CA): @Denise From CA Product Management, we are reviewing the algorithms issue and we will get back to you once internally discussed about the resolution, fix will be delivered. We notify you through CA Communities Ideation response  -or- else directly ask us through our Support teams

Sonya Williams-Harris: Doing well

Sonya Williams-Harris: How about you?

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sonya.. doing well as well. Thanks.

Burt Wiebe: yes we are looking to upgrade to R12 SP1 is the DE client for r12.0.0 compatable  with DE service pack 1.? i tried to install the DE client for sp1 but it was not compatable  with r12.0.0

Denise: @Nitin will need further clarification of the final notation by Bill Smith for the security enhancement, dated 3/27/2017.

Nitin Pande (CA): @Burt:  Hi and thanks for joining.  Yes, Desktop Client for R12.0 is not compatible with R12 SP1.  You will need to upgrade the DC.

Denise: He states the enhanced algorithms will be provided in the next release. Can you be specific?

Burt Wiebe: thanks

Nitin Pande (CA): @Burt:  In Sp1, we have introduced Web Client.  You can now access basic functionality using Web Browser.

Nitin Pande (CA): @Burt: Welcome

Denise: I have a second comment, rather than a question.

Denise: We are already at R12 SP1 currently and are contemplating when we upgrade to SP2.

Denise: We strongly suggest that the requirements in going from one service pack to another not require 1) an upgrade to the desktop client 2) no XML changes and 3) no database updates.

Denise: We'd like to be able to apply the application patch while utilizing the changerole option.

Sharon: Hi, we recently upgrade from R11.3 to R12.1, we are noticing a big difference in the desktop client graphical views on large flows.  1. how they look and 2. the behavior when we do a locate in graph.  we opened a support issue and CA did a webex with us.  their r11.3 and 12.1 graphs look like our 12.1.  My team and our aperations team know our 11.3 was different and actually better with the graphical views.  Any ideas

Srinivas (CA): @Denise we are not having specific release information. We will get back to you on this soon.

Srinivas (CA): @Denise In 12.0.01 we brought in Internationalization supporting Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German & French languages and additional features, core package name changes that demanded us to enforce this requirement. The 12.0.01 DB also changed to UNICODE schema supported.

Andy: Yes, I added a single job to an application with over 200 jobs and it changed the layout radically

Srinivas (CA): @Denise we have considered backward compatibility with client between 12.0.01 to 12.0.02

Srinivas (CA): @Denise that means that we are not enforcing the DC to be upgraded when Server is upgraded to 12.0.02... Clients can be upgraded later

Sharon: i have been through every preference setting and cannot find anything.

Denise: @Andy, are you adding the jobs as "insert" in Monitor or just adding a new job via Define?

Sharon: today we are going to reinstall R11.3 and its desktop client in our lab env just to test and have something to show support

Sharon: large applications look different in both Monitor and Define.

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sharon:  We made some changes to R11.3 SP3 DC for graphical libraries.  The overall functionality will be same in Sp3 and R12

Andy: I added the job in Define

Sharon: our R11.3 and R12.1 are very different looking, over all preference is the way our 11.3 was

Andy: it just makes it hard to re-orientate yourself to an application when the layout of the jobs shifts a lot

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sharon:  Which service pack did you have on R11.3

Srinivas (CA): @Sharon  the change in the flow library is done between R113 SP2 to R11.3 SP3

Sharon: going to our ca case to get our 11.3 info

Sharon: support site is slow

Sharon: i think we were at build 1342 or the desktop client

Mike Ariza: @Nitin or @Andy. We see a lot of swap memory memory being used in our 11.3sp3 build 1476 prod environments.  Can you expand on how DE uses memory?   We are planning on adding more memory but want to understand how it is being used if we can.  

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sharon and Andy:  DE is Java application.  The memory usage depends on several factors, such as events, resources, agents, and JavaScripts.

Mike Ariza: Is there a way to determine optimum amount of memory needed based on thee factors mentioned?

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sharon:  The DE has default setting of 1GB, but you can incease it to higher number.  Usage increases as Events, calendars, resources (DE resource type) are defined.

Sharon: where would we change 1gb to a higher number

Sharon: our workload has not changed much in the past 2 months before and after upgrade

Mike Ariza: We want to be able to say we need X amount of memory rather than asking for it in pieces and waiting to see if it helps or do we need to add more

Richard Kao (CA): Andy, when you say "a lot of swap memory" is that VIRT or RES you are referring to?

Nitin Pande (CA): @Ariza:  The memory requirement can vary a lot based on workload, events, agent and other artifacts...

Mike Ariza: VIRT

Mike Ariza: RES memory remains low

Segun (CA): @Sharon: I looked at the case, saw 11.3 for the DC (yet to confirm the build). So, you will see changes in r12 and later version if you were using DC lower than 11.3 SP3

Richard Kao (CA): VIRT is not really using physical memory

Richard Kao (CA): it has to do with memory reservation

Richard Kao (CA): so for example

Sharon: build was about 1342  i cannot find actual build number i thought it was in the case but it wasn't.  our desktop client is now 

Sharon: Version: Build:   0616

Richard Kao (CA): if i run java with a max heap set to 4GB it will reserver 4GB

Richard Kao (CA): and show up as VIRT

Richard Kao (CA): but if you set the initial heap size to 4GB it will allocate 4GB of physical memory

Nitin Pande (CA): @Ariza and Andy:  You can use memcheck

Nitin Pande (CA): Using 2.69% of total memory. Used: 24.50 MB. Allocated: 183.50 MB. Free: 886.00 MB. Max: 910.50 MB.

Number of wobs loaded from the database in the last 10 minutes=2266

Update count:68322, Update time:47133, Average:0.6898656362518661

Insert count:19154, Insert time:19078, Average:0.9960321603842539

Srinivas (CA): @Ariza  'memcheck' is a CLI command that you can run from Desktop Client CLI interface to know the current usage

Burt Wiebe: For monitoring is there a way to change the default so that Critical Path is always off?

Mike Ariza: We saw our De environment crash due to out of memory condition with 4gb and trying to analyze what caused and determine how much more to add to not have this condition again

Nitin Pande (CA): @Sonya:  Thanks for stopping by..

Nitin Pande (CA): @Burt:  Critical path is only truned on if your jobs have them checked (Under General)

Richard Kao (CA): @mike: did you get an hs_err file or a core file from the out of memory condition?

Nitin Pande (CA): @Burt:  Critical path is only possible if you have Estimate End time checked at Application

Sharon: i found an email our build was 1342

Mike Ariza: I have not found it yet Richard.  Looked for it but can check again

Richard Kao (CA): @mike: was this on windows or unix/linux?

Mike Ariza: Linux

Nitin Pande (CA): @Mike:  The core will be in install directory

Burt Wiebe: we do not check the critical path box on our jobs, but we do use estimate end time. thanks

Mike Ariza: I will check again and if there is one

Mike Ariza: Don't see a Core dump or any hs* files in the install directory Nitin

Richard Kao (CA): @mike: the next time this happens execute kill -3 with the pid of the DE server process

Richard Kao (CA): this will dump java stack

Nitin Pande (CA): @Mike:  you can also run threaddump from CLI

Lenn Thompson (CA): @Everyone: We are going to wrap things up now (we're well beyond our planned slot!). If there are other questions, please fell free to ask them in the community (or in any exisiting issues).

Nitin Pande (CA): Thanks everyone.

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