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Tech Tip: UIM Thresholds Management GUI 

Dec 20, 2016 10:04 AM



we have developed a small tool to manage UIM thresholds and baselines from a GUI or CLI.





GUI Features:
1. Get Metric Ids. (from nisapi REST)
2. View/Add/Edit/Delete dynamic and static thresholds (via ThresholdSetter UIM CLI)
3. Export configured thresholds and baselines.
Example to run the GUI: java -jar getmetricid.jar -g
Note that features (2) and (3) are only available if the Tool is run from a robot with baseline_engine installed in it.



CLI Features:
Command usage:
-v Show command version
-h Show help
-n UMP IP (required)
-s source (required)
-t target (required)
-q QOS (required)
-o Origin (optional. Default: ALL)
-g (invoke GUI - other options are ignored)
Example to get metricId: java -jar getmetricid.jar -n -s <source> -t <target> -q QOS_CPU_USAGE


Tested on UIM 8.5, UIM 8.47 and 8.2


Tool, README and video are available here:


Attaching a demo video.




Your feedback is appreciated so please post any comments in this thread.  As with all free Infrastructure Management Field Developed Utility postings, inquiries should be made through questions or comments in this thread, and the author, NestorFalcon Falcon, will provide a response.

All information downloaded or accessed (including field packs, customized solutions, patches etc.) are provided AS IS and no warranties are provided or made. For more information you may click here.

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Mar 01, 2017 08:44 AM

Thanks Yu. I added that note to the README.


Feb 28, 2017 09:51 PM

Hello, Nestor.

Thank you very much for developing this since this is very useful tool.

It would be great if you add some precautions in the Readme of the tool, (For the feature 2)


- If you are already having active Template (in monitoring probe) which has taken control for threshold on some monitors, the tool will override the threshold which had been activated via your templates.

If you re-apply your template, it might override the threshold which had been altered via the tool.



Yu Ishitani

Feb 21, 2017 10:30 AM



tool has been updated to manage also dynamic thresholds (and baselines) and included the option to export configured baselines.




Feb 21, 2017 10:11 AM

Hi Teppo,


late reply, sorry. Run the tool on a robot where baseline_engine is installed and UMP is reachable. that is all.




Feb 13, 2017 07:32 AM

Hmmm.. you need to run that tool on a robot where baseline_enigne is installed and where the robot you are configuring is connected to? I think.


So if I have robot1 connecting to hub1 and I want to configure those settings then I need to run this tool on that hub1, or can I run it on any hub that has baseline_engine installed? (the hidden question is do those be's communicate with each other)



Feb 13, 2017 06:35 AM

Hello Teppo,


to access to baseline info you need to run the tool on a robot where the baseline_engine is installed and UMP is reachable.




Feb 13, 2017 02:55 AM

Hi Nestor,


do we need to run this on the hub where those robots/probes we want to configure are connected, or can we run this on primary hub and configure any robot/probe? We have primaryhub, tunnelhubs and client hubs, so the question is where is this GUI run on.



Dec 21, 2016 05:11 PM

Thanks Nestor 

Dec 21, 2016 08:33 AM

Hi Phani,

I think you should have access if having an outlook account? In any case, attached the jar and readme.txt (version 2.4).


Dec 20, 2016 06:17 PM

Good one NestorFalcon 


The link which you shared for download seems to be CA internal one ...can you please share an external link for download?

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