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Resolution Method - usp_resolution_method - resomethod - Método de resolução - Resolución - 解決 

Nov 05, 2015 09:06 AM

Resolution (ITIL Service Operation) Action taken to repair the root cause of an incident or problem, or to implement a workaround. In ISO/IEC 20000, resolution processes is the process group that includes incident and problem management.


Resolution Process The ISO/IEC 20000 process group that includes incident and problem management.


Ação tomada para reparar a causa raiz de um incidente ou problema, ou para implementar uma solução de contorno. Na ISO/IEC 20000, os processos de resolução são o grupo de processos que inclui o gerenciamento de incidente e de problema.


Es el primer nivel en una jerarquía de grupos de soporte que están involucrados en la resolución de incidentes. Cada nivel dispone de más habilidades especializadas, o tiene más tiempo o dispone de otros recursos. Véase también escalamiento

インシデントまた は問題の根本原因を修正するために、またはワーク アラウンドを実施するために取られる処置。 ISO/IEC 20000 では、解決プロセスは、インシデン ト管理と問題管理を含むプロセス・グループである。


ITIL - Glossary of Terms, Definitions and Acronyms


bop_sinfo -dq resomethod

Factory resomethod < usp_resolution_method >


   id                                INTEGER UNIQUE

   producer_id                LOCAL STRING(20)

   persistent_id persid    STRING(30)

   delete_flag del           SREL -> actbool.enum REQUIRED

   sym                            STRING(128) REQUIRED SKEY UNIQUE

   last_mod_dt               DATE

   last_mod_by              SREL -> TENANCY_UNRESTRICTED

   description                 STRING(240)

   tenant                        SREL ->


pdm_extract usp_resolution_method

TABLE usp_resolution_method

        del description id last_mod_by last_mod_dt persid sym tenant


pdm_load -v -i -f resomethod.txt

TABLE usp_resolution_method

sym description

{"Chat Session","Provided assistance that resolved the incident using the on-line Chat facility"}

{"Electronic Software Delivery","Solved the incident by using an electronic software delivery to deliver the solution"}

{"On Site Visit","Site visit was required to solve the incident"}

{"Remote Control Tool","Solved the incident using a remote control"}

{"Verbal Instruction","Provided a solution to the incident over the phone "}

{"No Action required","The incident was resolved without any assistance"}


MS SQL Querys
  • select * from usp_resolution_method


  • select sym, description from usp_resolution_method


  • select '{"' + sym + '","' + description + '"}' from usp_resolution_method


  • select cr.resolution_method, resomethod.sym

from call_req as cr

inner join usp_resolution_method as resomethod on cr.resolution_method =


  • select cr.resolution_method, resomethod.sym

from call_req as cr

left join usp_resolution_method as resomethod on cr.resolution_method =


bop_sinfo -dq cr

It's a slice of cr object related with resolution code

Factory cr < Call_Req >


resolution_code      SREL ->

resolution_method    SREL ->


Resolution Code - usp_resolution_code - resocode - Código de resolução - Resolución - 解決

Root Cause - rootcause - rc / Causa raiz - 根本原因 -

Resolution - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation


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