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Release Automation KB: Locate and Stop Running Processes from JMX 

Aug 20, 2015 06:16 AM

Sometimes you might suspect there is a process running which you cannot locate through ROC or ASAP.

Or maybe you need to be sure there is no running process before applying a patch or upgrading the product.

In these instances, the best way to check for running processes and stop them is through the JMX console.


1. Go to: http://NAC:20203/mbean?objectname=noliocenter%3Atype%3Dinfo

* Default username and password: nolio


2. To list all active runs, find "listAllRuns" and click “Invoke”.


3. To stop all active runs, find "removeAllActiveRuns" and click “Invoke”.

* Please note that this hard-stops the process, which is less advised. Whenever possible, try to locate the process in ROC or ASAP and stop it from there.

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