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Payment Security - Self Service Portal Changes 

Feb 23, 2017 02:05 PM

Dear CA Payment Security Customer/Partner,


As part of improvements to our current Self-Service Portal, some of the portal fields will be changed as of Feb 24 2017 Noon Pacific Time. Details are as below:


1. Severity - CHANGED:

Old Values

New Values




System Down/Service Unavailable condition severely impacting Production environment involving:

  • Service outage or failure severely impacting Customer’s business operations.
  • Widespread unavailability of business critical features/functions of the Service causing major disruption of the Customer’s ongoing business operations.
  • There is serious performance degradation that significantly impacts a large group of Customer’s end users.
  • Unscheduled Service downtime resulting from an emergency change request which needs to be applied to the system.
  • An issue for which there is no immediate workaround available



A high impact business condition where:

  • Service is available but its functionality is significantly restricted thereby causing disruption to Customer’s normal business operations.
  • The Service’s Available Functionality is not working, thereby negatively impacting Customer’s business productivity.
  • There is no workaround available for the issue.



Service is available and Available Functionality is generally usable, however Service has an issue causing minor operational challenge(s). Issues may be isolated to specific end-users and may have little impact on the availability/functionality of the Service.



A minor defect that has no impact on the Service, or a general enquiry on the functionality of the Service including how to/informational queries.


2. Product – CHANGED:

Payment Security has SaaS/On-Demand and On-Prem solutions. Please select one of the following values as appropriate:


3. Components – CHANGED:

Earlier options under 'Product' field has now been updated and categorized under 'Components' field. Please select one of the following values as appropriate: 

  • Payment Security Transaction Manager ACS
  • Payment Security Transaction Manager Enrollment Server
  • Payment Security Transaction Manager Admin Console
  • Payment Security Transaction Manager Data Upload Tool (DUT)
  • Payment Security Merchant Plug In (MPI)
  • Payment Security Risk Analytics
  • Payment Security SEND
  • Payment Security Directory Server
  • Payment Security OTP (SMS/Email)
  • Payment Security Mobile OTP / Arcot Id
  • Payment Security Dollar Auth
  • Payment Security PAS
  • Payment Security RuPay
  • Payment Security AMDS
  • Payment Security StrongAuth
  • Payment Security 3DSecure DES
  • Payment Security Non-3DSecure DES

4. “Product Version”, “Type”, “Subject”, “Description”:

No Changes. Please continue to enter information.

5. Business Impact – CHANGED

               Please enter how does the problem affect your business.


Additional SaaS Support Policy details can be found here.


If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact CA Support.


Thank you,

The CA Payment Security Team

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