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Log Comment and Manual Notify from Edit in List 

Aug 28, 2017 04:37 PM



Recently I was asked to extend Edit in List to allow for bulk Log Comments and Manual notifications.  This was a fun challenge and thought I would share it with the community.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. (A code review would be a plus ).


Warning: This is not supported by CA and may cause performance issues if large amounts of activities are generated at once.


Edit in List on the Incident List form

Incident Activity Logs created from Edit in List


Implementation Steps:

  1. Schema Changes
    1. Add zLogComment to CR Schema
      1. Name: zLogComment
      2. Field Type: String
      3. Length: 4000
    2. Add zManualNotify to CR Schema
      1. Name: zManualNotify
      2. Field Type: String
      3. Length: 4000
    3. Save and Publish Schema Changes
    4. Unzip and move the spl and mod files to nx_root/site/mods/magic
    5. Use the provided list_in.htmpl (from 14.1.02) or reference the file to see where the modifications for the Edit in List and grid column sections were made.
      1. Modified list_in should be placed in nx_root/site/mods/www/htmpl/web/analyst or a form group sub directory
    6. Shutdowns services and run pdm_publish (Perform promotion steps to standby if applicable)
    7. Start services and test
    8. Enjoy having happier analysts!

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Nov 22, 2019 10:53 PM

Thanks Man you are amazing solved a huge issue

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