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Loading Tenants - tenant ca_tenant inquilino 

Jan 07, 2016 09:38 AM

bop_sinfo -dq tenant




bop_sinfo -dq tenant



Factory tenant < ca_tenant >


   id                   UUID UNIQUE

   producer_id          LOCAL STRING(20)

   persistent_id        LOCAL STRING(60)

   name                 STRING(255) REQUIRED

   tenant_number        STRING(30)

   service_provider     INTEGER

   contact              SREL -> SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE

   logo                 STRING(255)

   description          STRING(1024)

   phone_number         STRING(255)

   fax_number           STRING(255)

   alt_phone            STRING(255)

   location             SREL ->

   delete_flag inactive SREL -> actbool.enum REQUIRED

   version_number       INTEGER

   creation_user        STRING(64)

   creation_date        DATE

   last_update_user     STRING(64)

   last_update_date     DATE

   ldap_tenant_group    SREL ->

   groups               BREL <- tgm_groups.tenant_id {tenant_id = ?}

   search_sources       BREL <- lrel_search_source_tenants.tenant_id (LREL searc

h_source) {tenant_id = ?}

   parent               SREL -> TENANCY_UNRESTRICTED

   fkey_group           SREL ->

   subtenants_ok        SREL -> bool.enum

   supertenant_group    SREL ->

   subtenant_group      SREL ->

   relatedtenant_group  SREL ->

   tenant_depth         INTEGER

   terms_of_usage tou_id SREL ->

   in_apc_flag          LOCAL INTEGER

   pr_apc_flag          LOCAL INTEGER

   tenant               SREL -> REQUIRED








SQL Commands - tenant


select * from ca_tenant


Extract - tenant


pdm_extract -f "select * from ca_tenant "


pdm_extract tenant

TABLE ca_tenant

        alt_phone contact creation_date creation_user description fax_number fkey_group id inactive last_update_date last_update_user ldap_tenant_group location logo name parent phone_number relatedtenant_group service_provider subtenant_group subtenants_ok supertenant_group tenant tenant_depth tenant_number tou_id version_number


pdm_load -v -i -f tenant.txt

TABLE ca_tenant

name inactive

  {"My tenant","0"}





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