Knowledge Articles - April 2018 - CA Agile Central 

05-01-2018 12:10 PM

Our Agile Central (and Flowdock) Support teams have been continuing work on sharing their knowledge with each other and our customers. 



Here are the Knowledge Base articles created over the month of April -- it's a lot of great information!
KB000075630Inconsistent default user story schedule state
KB000076084In CA Agile Central the Time Spent Registered Wrong When a User Story is Split
KB000076556Is there a way to bulk add Features?
KB000076558Can I bulk edit tests cases using Quality Management?
KB000076816Are milestones supported with the WIC connector (JIRA, HPALM)
KB000076824How to get Tags of a Portfolio Item - Feature.
KB000077114Concurrency error when using WSAPI
KB000077117Remove HTML from Description in JIRA
KB000091679How to view Test Cases that have attachments
KB000091680How to use Templates to set Default Value to a drop-down field
KB000091758CustomList: Why when Query has Parent is null then we still see parent results?
KB000091762Webhooks: Create and test your first Webhook
KB000091855Data doesn't update when changing Project Scoping in Iteration Planning Board
KB000091932Notifications using @mentions in CA Agile Central do not work for some users
KB000092664Splunk queries for artifact attachments, add or download
KB000092703Plan Will Not Load in "Plan Progression" Page
KB000092716WSAPI: Create an artifact with a tag using
KB000092717WSAPI: Can we get license or seat information using API?
KB000092880How to restore a Defect Suite in CA Agile Central which got deleted
KB000092914REPORTS: Missing data in Chart
KB000093041Update the Owner of a Flowdock Org
KB000093095User getting 304 error in CA Agile Central
KB000093282What does the SSO URL in the subscription settings do?

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