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DevTest 8.0 - Scripting Guide - V1.1.pdf 

Feb 11, 2015 04:41 AM

DevTest 8.0 supports customization of its components by scriptable extensions. The DevTest 8.0 Scripting Guide intends to help engineers, who are new to the concept of scripted extensions in DevTest solutions, to get started. It is not supposed to replace current product documentation, but to complement it. This document does not cover introductions into scripting languages used in DevTest solutions. There is also a zip file that includes all the scripts used in the document. Thanks to Rick.Brown and broca17 for their essential contributions and help.

Update version 1.1 covers Scripting enhancements of DevTest 8.0.2, including Scripted Datasets and Coloring of custom events. Document references are updated to DevTest 8.0.2 wiki.

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