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Deploy a lower version of an application to final environment in the same release 

Nov 28, 2017 09:40 AM

In some use-cases, the user might be required to redeploy a lower version of an application that was not successfully deployed in the final phase of a release, i.e. production environment. Objective is to sustain latest stable version in production. Following you will find full description how to achieve this.


  • Create application (TEST) and environments (DEV, QA, PRD)
  • Create Release 1, assign the application (TEST) to it and set the initial version to 1.0
  • Create phases DEV, QA, PRD and assign environments consecutively
  • Create tasks in each phase and assign TEST 1.0 application version to each
  • Run each phase successfully from DEV to PRD

  • Create Release 2, assign TEST application to it and set the version to 2.0
  • Create phases DEV, QA, PRD, RLB and assign environments consecutively. PRD environment is assigned to RLB
  • Create tasks in phases DEV, QA and PRD and assign TEST 2.0 application version to each of them
  • Run phases DEV and QA successfully but fail PRD
  • Replace the version with 1.0

  • Assign TEST 1.0 in deploy lower version to PRD task in RLB phase

  • Run RLB phase successfully
  • Go to Reports -> Applications and add the application (TEST)
  • Version 2.0 was deployed in DEV and QA however after the RLB phase was run version 1.0 was re-deployed in PRD

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