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CA Spectrum Upgrade Content 

Apr 05, 2016 05:03 PM

Benefits of CA Spectrum 10.2.3Upgrade Tools

Review the GA Announcement


Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Spectrum 10.2.3


What's New with CA Spectrum 10.2.3 community webcast


Upgrading from CA Spectrum 10.2 to CA Spectrum 10.2.3


Migrating from CA Spectrum 9.2?  Review the tools available to help in the migration:


Support Patches


Services Available

CA Spectrum Upgrade Now video series.

In 3 short videos we walk you through an in place and migration upgrade.  


Sizer Tool


Direct Upgrade from Spectrum 9.3 and higher to 10.2

Benefits of CA Spectrum 10.2

Product Advisory

CA Spectrum 10.2 Features

Product Documentation        


Support Patches


CA Spectrum Device Certification Packs



CA Spectrum R10.x: Foundations 200

Join the Virtual Classroom session to  learn about fault management, alarm forwarding, and getting the most from OneClick functionality. You will also be provided with the knowledge to enable you to implement, operate, and maintain a large-scale deployment. In addition, the benefits of installing add-ons will be illustrated using the CA Spectrum Network Fault Manager Report Manager.


Sign up at CA Education Marketplace:

CA Spectrum R10.x: Foundations 200


CA Spectrum Education Videos 

Keep up to date on the latest and greatest videos!

How To Videos and Webcasts


CA Spectrum Learning Path


Discover the ROI of upgrading to CA Spectrum 10.2

Business Value Estimate for CA Spectrum

Business Value Estimate for CA Spectrum with CA Virtual Network Assurance



Product Advisory / Tech Docs


CA Spectrum Product Advisory Regarding the Spectrum Location Server


Avoid access problems to CA Spectrum OneClick with Oracle's JRE update to no longer support MD5-signed JAR files by upgrading to CA Spectrum 10.2


CA Spectrum OneClick Java JRE certification expired on October 16, 2016


Juniper routers chassis reconfiguration causing SpectroSERVER CPU problems in CA Spectrum 10.1.x and 10.2

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