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Blobs and Globs in WAAE 

Dec 22, 2017 02:43 AM

Binary Large Objects (blobs) are binary data (or text data) of variable length. Blobs are associated with a WAAE Job definition.   Global Blobs (Globs) have a unique name and can be shared between jobs.   The WAAE documentation explains the detail, this blob test document provides some examples (Linux/Unix) to play with.

Deploying ApplyPTF

This uses a global blob "$$glob.BT-glob-ApplyPTF" to hold the ApplyPTF executables.

Job “BT-glob-get-applyptf” copies the zipped executables to the target server

The jil subcommand “insert_glob:” is used to created and load the BT-glob-ApplyPTF glob with data

 Job “BT-blob-install-applyptf” uses blob "$$blobt" with its list of commands, as input to the shell to do the installation. The blob is loaded from a file as part of the job definition.

The file BT-ApplyPTF-example.jil has sample definitions for this. BT-DeleteApplyPTF_glob.jil is the code to delete the glob.  I have not included the ApplyPTF binaries, you can get the latest of these from CA Support.


Creating a blob in a job

This sequence of jobs demonstrates creating a blob, using it in another job and removing it afterwards.


  creates a global blob with data from the env command


  retrieves the blob $$globt.BT-glob


   creates a jil file with the delete_glob subcommand


      cleans up by deleting the global blob


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