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AE DB file format 

Mar 12, 2019 02:16 PM

AE DB file format

This is an overview of the high-level structure of the AE DB file format, including:


Overall structure

The AE DB file format consists of many records. Each record occupies a single line in the transport case file. The record type is indicated by  the first character of the line. There are seven different record types. Lines beginning with a semicolon (;) are comments, and are ignored.


Record types of each file format

Record typeDescriptionInitial dataTransport case
VFile & version information
TTable name
CTable column definition
FTable data
REnd of group of data fields
OFolder path
SEnd of   file
In the initial data file format table descriptions and table content appear together. The set of records defining the data for that table appear immediately after the records describing the structure of the table. In the the transport case file format, table descriptions appear at the top of the file, and table content at the bottom.


What types of record can appear before and after each record type

Record typeRecord before
(Initial data)
Record before
(Transport case)

Record after

(Initial data)

Record after

(Transport case)

TV, C, RV, C, O, RCC, F
CT, CT, CF, T, CT, C
On/aRn/aT, S
Sn/aR, On/a-


The V record

1st record of the file. Contains version and file type (INITIAL/TRANSPORT)
Before: n/a
After: T

T records

T records indicate the table to which a subsequent group of records pertains.

Before: V, C, O (transport case only), R
After: C, F (transport case only)

C records

C records describe the columns in a particular table.

Before: T, C
After: C, F (initial data only), T

F records

F records contain the data for each field in a particular table.

Before: C, (initial data only), T (transport case only), F
After: F, R

R records

A single R record terminates a group of F records.

Before: F
After: T, F, O (transport case only), S (transport case only)

O records (transport case only)

O records encode folder paths of objects.

  •  0 : <No Folder>
  •  1 : Home folder
  • >1 : Link(s)


The S record (transport case only)

The transport case file is terminated by a single S record.

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