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[PIM] Using CAJDBCDriver for Password Consumers with Websphere

Assumptions The Privileged Account, Endpoint and Password Consumer are already set up and working in the ENTM A PIM Endpoint is set up with PUPM integration to the ENTM (and is working) on the server hosting Websphere Websphere is running under a user that is also an Access Control user, i.e...

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Updated for APM 9.1.x. The directory structure of this agent has changed enough it required updating this script. It is not backwards compatible to 9.0.x agents. Download the previous script for use with 8.x/9.0.x agents. 05/23/2012: Corrected path to IntroscopeAgent.profile.

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This is an updated script I did for a client and sent back to CA to be included in the next WebSphere Agent build. The enhanced script will check and update generic JVM arguments, create WAS PPK custom service, and set PMI modules for WAS PPK. Fixes in this script were needed due to some clients...