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Tech Tips: Is ElasticSearch Vulnerability Resolved in DevTest 10.3.0?

Environment: DevTest 10.3.0 on all platforms.   Answer: Yes.   Even though the elasticsearch-1.5.2.jar is still delivered with DevTest 10.3.0, code changes resolve the vulnerability at runtime.   A new jar will be replacing the outdated jar in a future release.

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CA20180328-01: Security Notice for CA API Developer Portal

CA Technologies Support is alerting customers to multiple potential risks with CA API Developer Portal. Multiple vulnerabilities exist that can allow a remote attacker to conduct cross-site scripting attacks.


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Tech Tips: How to disable TLSv1 on all DevTest Servers and your Workstation

Introduction How to disable TLSv1 on all DevTest Servers and your Workstation.   Background Needing to disable TLSv1 due to a vulnerability with DevTest.   Environment All supported releases and platforms.   Instructions To disable TLSv1 on all servers then do this on...

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Tech Tips: Reporting Vulnerabilities with DevTest

When reporting a vulnerability with DevTest, please open a support case and provide the following information:   1. What component you are having the vulnerability on. 2. If the vulnerability is on a deployed service, please provide the vsi and vsm. 3. Explain why this...