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Tech Tip - How to check probe version in a large environment

Challenge : I would like to check probe *** version in my environment.   Example : Here is an example how to walk through 3 specific probe (colored in red) version in a large environment. These information is stored in 2 tables (CM NIMBUS ROBOT and CM NIMBUS PROBE) so we can make it...

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Tech tip - Unable to acquire Version information error on UMP Discovery Wizard

symtpom When you select discovery agent resides on secondary hub, and try to launch discovery wizard, it does not work with error " Unable to acquire version information "   cause The error indicates communication failure in between discovery agent probe and ump robot.   ...

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Spec KB: Is it possible to use versions of CABI 3.x with Spectrum 10

Document ID:  TEC1852504 Last Modified Date:  12/5/2015   Question:   Is it possible to use version of CABI 3.x with Spectrum 10   Answer:   Using versions of CABI 3.x is not supported with Spectrum 10. The minimum supported version of CABI...

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Tech Tip: After upgrade to SOI 4.0 Event policies stopped working

Problem: --   We have upgrade our SOI from 3.x to 4.0 and after upgrade all event policies deployed (On connector or MTC) are not working. Workaround ------   1. Stop following services services > CA SAM Event Management > CA SAM Integration Services 2. Go to location...

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SOI Tech Tips: Connector not starting, getting Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

After starting the CA SAM Integration Services, the connector do not start. If you check the \soi\jsw\logs\SAM-IntegrationServices wrapper.log and see the message INFO   | jvm 1    | 2014/09/02 15:29:09 | Exception in thread "CA:00XXXX ******" java.lang...