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Tuesday Tip: Finding Where a Login is Used

I wanted to share a little tip with everyone that recently came up with a customer I was helping. Let's say you have a scenario where you have a deployment, which consists of a process, which is made up of large number of flows, each of which in turn are densely packed with various actions (as...

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A PDF of My APM Blogs and Tech Tips 2016

This is every blog and Tech Tip that I created in 2016 (so far). Any new contributions will be added. Each year I publish this as part of a new tradition.


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Tech Tip: SPS installer fails upgrade getting error complaining about “SPS 6 exist and want to do migration."

This is common problem in older Single Sign-On product, this problem is not limited to SPS or Unix platform alone. Older release Single Sign-On product, often generate ".com.zerog.registry.xml" file hidden on disk. Even after running previouse version uninstaller, the file will still be left...

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Tech Tip: cross site scripting with smsession cookie

When client enables cross site scripting check, will it stop smsession cookie being passed in the url? No. Siteminder smsession is Base64-encoded string. Its standard index table can be found over internet sites, 64-character alphabet consisting of upper- and lower-case Roman letters (A...

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Tech Tip: Impersonation not working on some version of agents

Several clients report upgraded 12.52 apache agents stops working in Impersonation. Upon invetigation, looks like during startimpersonation process, the "smsavedsession" is not getting generated as cookie. Which will prevent the impersonator to logout. Smsavedsession is generated only...