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Tech Tips - UIM vmware probe template : VM name based "OR" example using regex

if you want to use template to apply some selective VMs but you need to use "OR" like expression, here is an example.   example you want to apply template VM name (label) contains "2008r2", "2012r2" and "2016"   Label [Condition] Regex [Value] .*2008r2.*|.*2012r2.*|.*2016.* &...

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New Video | Alarms View in CA PM

This video introduces the Alarms View, which allows you to view and manage CA Spectrum alarms from CA Performance Center. The alarms view lets you quickly focus on the most impactful problems in your monitored environment.

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[New Video] CA APM: How to Navigate Team Center 10.5.1 Menu

In this video, you will see how CA APM Team Center has evolved and the changes to the menus and the user interface. You will see a brief history of Team Center from when it was introduced in version 10.0 through to APM 10.5.1. This video will focus mainly on the views and menu options.   ...