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Tech Tip: Configurable timeout setting for SOI UI console

Does the samuser login for the SOI UI console have a configurable timeout setting?   The Samuser login used in the SOI UI console is an internal SOI system user and it does not have a configurable timeout setting however, a configurable timeout setting is available for users that are...

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Tech Tip: SOI - CABI reports failing with "Proxy Error"

Question: When trying to run the report live Ad-hoc they fail with below error...the status shows "running" for few minutes then this error occurs.      Proxy Error        The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream...


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ROC Session times out frequently

Description : Many times we faced the issue that the ROC session is getting timeout frequently within 4-5 minutes. Identification : The entries in the context.xml under conf folder in LISA RAC root directory is set wrong.. Resolution : Correct the entries in the context.xml. Please...