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Watch Video | CA APM: Clean Network Traffic and TIM

In this video, you will learn the importance of Clean Network Traffic and TIM since problems occur when the TIM receives incomplete and modified network data, instead of a true copy.

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How does a TIM worker get its traffic ?

On all TIM's 9.7+,The captured network communication flow is handled by apmpacket (on the High performance TIM) or nqcapd (on the MTP). Its function is very simple. It will get data from a network device or capture-card, and distribute the network communications based on a load-balancing...

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Why is CEM/TIM monitoring so "extremely elegant and smart" ?

Many people, especially the application people think of the Customer Experience (CE) part of the CA Application Performance Management (APM) to be very complex to setup and handle. While it is true that it may be complex to setup - the complexity however does not rely in the CE itself, but in...

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TIM: Fine tuning the TIM (incl. OS)

Introduction The default installation of the Software-Only TIM is not providing any fine-tuning to the operating system or any other TIM specific issue. This document tries to address these short-comes in the regular or non-existing documentation, and also provide the "why" with detailed...

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Agent recording example using Weblogic Medrec Application.pdf

Agent Recording for CEM (no TIM) example steps. UPDATES: Jan 11 2016: Warn about JVM running on IPv6 instead of IPv4 requiring change in Client IP Address Filter for the recording Jan 12 2016: Explain in more detail about transaction boundaries when using agent recording. Add in Guenter's pbd...


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Break Fix TIM.pdf

This is a Mindmap that Hallett German created. It may be of use for TIM debugging  but has not be documented in some time . So please rely on current documentation first!