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Measure and Compare the Coverage of Test Data

Using Data Visualization from CA Test Data Manager to dynamically compare environments and accurately measure test data coverage. A short demonstration of the features of Test Data Visualizer, with a view to understanding test data coverage. Learn how to compare attributes in test environments...

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How to clone data

A short, technical demonstration of how to clone data, providing an innovative approach to copy and rapidly provision coherent sets of data from multiple systems at once. This feature of CA Test Data Manager has formed a central part of test data provisioning strategies, enabling highly...

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Self-service test data provisioning via an online web portal

How CA Test Data Manager can be used to create an on demand, self-service web portal, capable of provisioning the right data to multiple teams in parallel. Learn how data can be exposed to testers using the logical business language of the requirements and test cases, allowing them to request...

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Using the data orchestration engine to perform a universal subset

This short demonstration sets out how the workflow engine from CA Test Data Manager can be used to define and execute a universal subset. This provides an automated framework to manage test data and execute test data engineering tasks. Once defined, a subset becomes re-usable, avoiding duplicate...

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An Introduction to the DB Compare utility in CA Test Data Manager

A short introduction to CA Test Data Manager’s high performance database comparison utility, DB Compare. Learn how to quickly compare snapshots of whole or partial databases, including live message traffic. Testers and developers can quickly understand how applications are being used in...