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Tech Tip: CA SOI - Database query to view Alerts from a specific time period

Introduction: We need a database query to export/view the alert history from the SOI database for last 6 months.  Instructions: The Alerts database table will hold this information, we would usually recommend you work with your DBA to create a query based on that table. Here is an...

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SOI Tech Tip: The Disk where SOI UI Server is installed run out of Disk Space

The files in the folder SOI\SamUI\solr\data\index are the cause of this and this files are only of interest when you use the USM WebView from the SOI Web Interface. In order to resolve this situation please stop the CA SAM Store Indexer service on the SOI UI Server and delete \solr\data\index...

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CA SOI Report Integration: Installing CA SOI Reports with CABI

If the database used is Microsoft SQL Server and CABI JasperReports Server is not installed,  administrators need to install CA SOI Reports and CABI JasperReports together.

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SOI Tech Tips: How can I add the user attribute values of UIM Alarms, user_tag1 and user_tag2 to SOI Alerts.

This attributes can be added to the UIM Connector Policy as follows:   1. create a backup copy of \CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<servername> CatalystConnector\modules\policy\nimsoftconnector policy.xml     outside of the folder \CA...