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Setting up DSA replication using text based configuration

Here I would like to present Justin McDonald's example of setting up replication between two DSAs using text based configuration and command line tools. This thorough example deserves to be a separate document.   Say we have two DSAs on two servers server1: dsa1 server2: dsa2 &...

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Configure MySQL Replication to use SSL

By default the CA API Gateway does not enable SSL traffic for MySQL replication. The following instructions outline the configurations necessary to enable MySQL SSL replication in an existing Gateway cluster.    To configure MySQL Replication to use SSL   ...

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Which Gateway database is in use? (MySQL replication master-master)

Hi there,   I have found this write-up,  I though it could be helpful ... With respect to monitoring which Gateway database is in use: You can determine which host is the active host by checking the output of `netstat -tnap` to see where TCP connections over the designated MySQL...