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Tech Tip: CSV override server configurations

ISSUE: The auto mapping for configurations is incorrect or the server configuration is not fully defined in the server configuration spreadsheet.   Fix: Using the CSV file to override the configurations for the server. (See sample file attached). Using the CSV file data adapter will...

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caf setserveraddress "Failed to set property in configuration file"

Hi The attached document contains technical document shows what you can do if you run caf setserveraddress and get an error " " Failed to set property in configuration file ". This is useful for situations where an administrator may not have access to the DSM Explorer to change the...


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CA Tuesday Tip: (CA 11)    How to override the default Subsystem name?

CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Tuesday Tip by Alisa Puckett, Sr. Support Engineer for  Jun 30, 2015 CA Workload Automation Restart Options for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11) uses a default subsystem name of CAL7.   To use a different subsystem other than the...