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Policy Repository: Retrieve OAuth Token Encapsulated Assertion

A simple encapsulated assertion utilizing the Client Credentials grant type in OAuth. This should work well with our own OTK and other providers that utilize this grant. If no values are supplied to the encapsulated assertion it will default to the OTK install and test client id/secret. If the...

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OAuth Manager with LDAP admins showing all clients

A use case for one of the customers that I was shadowing wanted to be able to use there LDAP to log into the OAuth Manager, and when they went to clients if the user that was logged in was an Admin it would list all client keys in the manager regardless of owner.    There are two...

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CA OAuth Toolkit

Simplify authentication and authorization for Web and mobile APIs   OAuth is fast becoming a key standard for access management with RESTful APIs. OAuth has the advantage of being: Lightweight, for over-the-air mobile applications Open, to prevent vendor lock-in or insecure...