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CA Network Flow Analysis: Integration with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Learn how to integrate CA Network Flow Analysis with CA Unified Infrastructure Management. The integration allows you to immediately identify the interfaces, hosts, and applications that generate the most traffic in your enterprise, review CA UIM alarms together with flow data, and analyze...

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Tech Tip: Knowledge Docs Published November

Last time i posted the knowledge docs it was from Oct-Nov 12th. Here is the remaining docs posted for the month of November. Going forward I will post these on the first of every month.           Doc ID# Title Primary...

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Tech Tip: How to uninstall a Linux NFA Harvester

How to Uninstall a Linux NFA Harvester 1. Run the following command to trigger the uninstaller, where /opt/CA/NFA is your installation directory /opt/CA/NFA/Uninstall/Harvester/Harvester Uninstaller   2. Once the uninstaller completes delete the installation directory, for example...

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Tech Tip: How to increase the logging level for the "CA NFA Reaper" service in NFA.

Summary How to increase the logging level for the "CA NFA Reaper" service in NFA.   Solution 1. RDP to your Harvester, open a Command Prompt, and run: mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "update parameter descriptions set defaultValue=6 where parameter='RealtimeReaper LoggingFlags';"...

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Tech Tip NetQoS NPC - How to get a record of who logs into the product.

NPC, NV, and NFA do not keep any record of who logs into the product. Because of this it is not possible to get a report from any of the products on who logs in and when.    However SSO does record it into logs. The logs are located in: D :\NetQoS\SingleSignOn\Logs\ They are...

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Tech Tip: NFA Unable to unsubscribe from NFA Scheduled Emails

Summary: When clicking on the Unsubscribe link in an NFA Scheduled email, it fails because the link is using an IPv6 address, you may see the error below:   Solution: 1)RDP to your NFA console server.   2)Run the following command using the IP address of the NFA console...

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Tech Tip: NFA New Mysql version 5.6 pre-upgrade considerations

As noted in the NFA 9.3 upgrade guide and release notes, upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 will install a new version of Mysql, version 5.6.     During an upgrade, the installer will: Backup your current MySql51 databases to a 'MySql Backups' folder.     **Note** You still...

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Tech Tip: RA 9.0 Pump Service out of memory

RA 9.0 Pump Service out of memory Document ID:   TEC1949926 Product: Reporter/Analyzer 9.0 Issue: New Routers are not being discovered in RA 9.0.  The Task Manager on the RA Master Console shows that the NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.PumpService.exe process is using an excessive...